April Favorites.


I’m terrible with time — it goes and goes and I can’t ever seem to keep up! It doesn’t feel like a new month to me and I guess it isn’t, seeing as how we’re already nearly halfway through. Maybe it’s because these past few weeks have been particularly quiet. Here in Kansas City we’ve had our fair share of storms, but the sun continues to split the clouds sooner or later and no matter what the weather is doing, all I’ve been able to do is stand back and happily stare. After spending the winter cooped up in the hospital because of (let’s be colloquial and call it) a little medical snafu, it’s pretty awesome to be able to sit out on my front porch with a mug of mint-rose tea, wrapped up in a blanket as the rain patters down.

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Fashion Friday: Denim On Denim.

IMG_0345Life In Progress Chambray Raglan Tee ($22.90) // Banana Republic Jeans // Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses ($3.90)

Denim is my current obsession. Button-ups, rompers, raglan tees, shift dresses, boyfriend jeans, anything — whenever we get a new piece in at work, I’m the one tearing open the plastic packaging to get the first glimpse. Now I’ve always been a huge fan of the Forever 21 Contemporary/Life In Progress sub-brand, but the recent denim and chambray releases have been exactly what I want and I just can’t stop myself when everything looks so elevated and well made. (I already loaded up my last wishlist with a couple hits of denim, but the next round might just have to be entirely devoted to it.)

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The Accessories Edit.

IMG_0442I’m a jewelry fiend. Mostly I try to blame working as an accessories specialist for two or three years, but the truth is that I’ve always been in love with shiny, pretty things. I own piles of necklaces, stacks of bracelets, and probably close to one hundred rings. Last summer I was going through a phase where it looked as if I was attempting to wear every piece I own all at once in an explosion of carved bone malas and second hand costume jewelry, but for the past few months it’s rare that I leave the apartment with anything more than these three pieces on my wrist. Maybe it’s because I’ve fallen for the minimalism trend to a certain degree, but I also just love the high plus low plus vintage mix. It’s my favorite combination when it comes to style: A harmlessly trendy impulse buy, a classic investment piece that will last a lifetime, and something uniquely special that feels like wearing a piece of history.

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Fashion Wishlist.

I’m a visual merchandiser for Forever 21 and, let me tell you, it’s one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. I literally see all of the product that comes into the store (and then — oh cruel world — it’s my duty to match it all up into an endless series of cute outfits) and we get dozens and dozens and dozens of new receipts every. Single. Day. It’s awesome in that way where it’s also the worst thing ever, so let’s not talk about how much of my paycheck I give right on back to the company or about how this isn’t honestly a wishlist so much as it’s an immediately-buying-these-when-we-get-them-in-stock list.

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Rose, Peony, & Bergamot Oil + Perfume.


A few months back I impulse purchased this incredibly lovely Petal Perfume Oil ($18 for 0.93 oz) from Urban Outfitters. Standing in the checkout line, I just wasn’t able to resist the beautifully designed bottle filled with real rose buds. For the longest time I actually didn’t like the scent of roses, but at some point over the past year or two I’ve fallen almost violently in love with it and so one look at this and I knew I had to have it. I want everything to smell like roses. And this? Well.

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Swear By DIY: Eucalyptus.


I’m lazy in a way that’s often at odds with my aspirations for living fabulously. Despite being one of those girls who adores few things more than a two hour soak in the bath with citrus rose scented salts, freshly brewed tea or a glass of wine, and a little London Grammar drifting through the candlelight… Let’s be honest: often that just sounds like so much more effort than sprawling out on the couch to watch Netflix and settling for a shower in the morning.

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Beauty Wishlist.


The sad thing about blowing all my money on cute new clothes and amazing new beauty products is… then I’m out of money to blow on cute new clothes and amazing new beauty products. Sigh. That’s what wish lists are for, I suppose, and while making them is its own kind of fun, it doesn’t quite compare to the joys of ripping plastic off pretty, pretty new things that actually belong to you.

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Sephora Haul.


Remember being a kid and thinking that cherry chapstick was some pretty fancy makeup? Wearing that and a pair of my mother’s three-sizes-too-big high heels and I was looking good. Now I’m not saying that the fashion and beauty achievements of my middle school days aren’t some of the best of my life… what I’m saying is that they are.

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